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Astrophotography Targets

New to astrophotography? Don't know where to point your new, shiny telephoto lens or telescope? This page is here for you to help! Here you will find the best astrophotography targets for beginners: massive galaxies, bright nebulas, and large star clusters.

The night sky is BIG, and the field of view of a telescope is usually really tiny. As a beginner astrophotographer, I suffered from not knowing the position of interesting astronomy targets on the night sky. I have learned the hard way, and this is the reason I wrote those articles - to help beginners find fantastic astrophotography targets easier and quicker.

Almost every target on the list you can photograph by both a telephoto lens (100mm focal length or more) and a telescope (even a small one - I use almost always my SkyWatcher Evostar 72ED). Some targets have bigger sizes, some have smaller. Some are more beginner friendly, and some are a little challenge. But all of them share one trait - they are all fantastic astrophotography targets! Grab your equipment, find some dark-sky spot, and shoot!